• 08:37 – Никита Джигурда бегал и рычал по студии «Пусть говорят» и не давал никому говорить 
  • 08:36 – Стал известен пес с самым длинным в мире хвостом 
  • 08:36 – Наследство Браташ: достанется ли Джигурде, где подлинник документа и какова сумма наследства 
  • 08:36 – YouTube видео: НЛО возле самолёта Трампа, расстрел инопланетян военными 

Поздравления с Днем святого Патрика на английском

Little Leprechauns wearing Top Hat’s

With Shamrocks, in fields of clover

Are wishing a «Happy St. Patty’s Day»

To people this whole world over.

Поздравления с Днем святого Патрика на английском


When you wish on this «Pot of Gold»

Dance a «Jig» be happy… And sing

For if you have faith and believe

You’ll be awed at what it will bring!


Dance as if no one were watching,

Sing as if no one were listening,

And live every day as if it were your last.


For each petal on the shamrock

This brings a wish your way-

Good health, good luck, and happiness

For today and every day.


Tis better to buy a small bouquet

And give to your friend this very day,

Than a bushel of roses white and red

To lay on his coffin after he’s dead.


May God grant you many years to live,

For sure he must be knowing

The earth has angels all to few

And Heaven is overflowing.


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